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Free Shirt Friday: Join the Robolution

This cute red shirt in my free shirt pile (it’s an overflowing tote actually) caught my eye beings it was red and all (Go Huskers!) and it had a clever cartoon and url on it. which redirects to’s Robomail page. Robomail by Inter7 is email marketing software for large volume, time critical, opt-in […]

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8 Tips for Reaching Your Local Audience

Finding new and innovative ways to reach your local audience can boost the profitability of your small business and can help you position yourself effectively for further growth and expansion. Combining proven techniques with new ideas can often create synergy for your promotional efforts and provide you with a competitive edge within your industry. Here […]

Kim wearing Go the extra mile tshirt

Free Shirt Friday: Affiliate Marketers Give Back & Performance Marketing Association

Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded. I got this awesome pink (my favorite color) shirt from the ShareASale Under the Stars Party at Affiliate Summit East in New York City.  They changed up the venue format this year for the better. This year the event was a fundraiser for the and the Performance […]

How These Businesses Are Thriving In Today's Economy

Beating The Odds: How These Businesses Are Thriving In Today’s Economy

The economy may be limping back into the global race, but businesses everywhere are still suffering from bad turns and low profits. What are the secrets of the ones who aren’t? Here are just six companies that are thriving despite all odds. Dropbox Dropbox never stops expanding. More importantly, it never stops adapting to new […]

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7 Things To Consider When Moving Your Business To Another Country

If you are a business owner who has decided to try capturing a part of the international market, you may be considering a move. There are many things you have to keep in mind while preparing to set up shop in another country. The best way to prepare yourself for the road ahead would be […]

Networking Magic How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Networking Magic: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Although there are a plethora of activities business owners can engage in for ensuring their organizations are successful, networking can be a particularly effective strategy to employ. Don’t forget the power of moving in different circles and going online. By reading the information found below, you can gain a basic understanding of various networking strategies […]

Business Problems You May Need to Call an Attorney About

Keeping Your Customers Happy When You’re Short-Staffed

When you own a small business, you are dealing with limited resources and a limited budget. Many small business owners find that they have to perform a variety of different tasks every day, and this is even more challenging when you are short-staffed. Whether you’re searching for the right employee or making temporary cuts due […]