5 Effective Marketing Strategies to Promote Clickbank Bestsellers


There is one simple way to determine whether a Clickbank product is a bestseller product or not. Just look at the gravity. If it is more than 200, it means that the product is a hot-selling product on Clickbank. Now, here are 5 effective marketing strategies to promote Clickbank bestsellers:

1. Smart article marketing

Since most Clickbank products are information products, it means that most Clickbank bestsellers are problem solvers. If you don’t agree with this, look at it again. Why people buy information product? That’s because they want to solve specific problem with the solution offered inside the product. If there are many people who purchase an information product, it means that the product has been successfully delivering result for those people.

So, how can you link it with article marketing?

The method that I call smart article marketing is basically a method that follows the basic problem-solving principle. You are offering solution for your audience’s problem. The only difference is that the affiliate product will solve the big problem, while your article will solve only the smaller problem.

2. Online classified ads

There are not many affiliates who are using online classified ads as their promotion channel. You should start to consider using this channel to promote your Clickbank product because it can bring you targeted traffic quickly. However, you have to remember that in most cases, you can’t post direct affiliate link to online classified ads websites. So, be sure to prepare your landing page and point your link to your landing page.

3. PPC advertising

When you’ve got a bestselling product to promote, promoting this product with PPC should not be hard for you. PPC can bring you high quality traffic to your landing page. However, you have to choose the right keywords for your promotion. Start with low competition keywords and build your momentum from there.
4. Review
Writing review article is an effective way to attract highly motivated buyers to your landing page. People that will read your review already have certain amount of interest to the product. So, you have to convince them to buy the product by writing a good review article. Even though this might be easy to say, you will need to provide detailed and informative review in order to entice your audience to buy the product. You may need a lot of time to research the product before you start writing your review.

5. Minisite

You don’t have to build a full-blown website in order to promote just one product. A minisite is enough for you to generate good amount of sales from your affiliate product. Create a website with 7-10 pages of content that will give your visitors more information related to the product that you promote. Give them useful tips, tutorials, and guides to help them solve their problem. Then, recommend your affiliate product in the end of your article. Once you’ve set up your minisite, the next thing that you need to do is to drive as much traffic as you can to your minisite. Use various traffic generation methods for this purpose.

Those are 5 effective marketing strategies that you can use to promote Clickbank bestselling products.

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