5 Killer Persuasion Tactics to Win New Clients and Send Your Sales Soaring


5 Killer Persuasion Tactics to Win New Clients and Send Your Sales Soaring

Authorities will tell you that there is a definite, foolproof recipe for significantly boosting your sales with persuasive techniques that consumers find hard to resist, and the essential ingredients are listed below. Once you have succeeded in mastering them, the rest is up to you.

1. Practice reciprocity

The idea here is that when someone does something that you like, you will feel a natural inclination to return the favor, whether it was anticipated or not. In virtually every case, we feel indebted to our benefactors.
Giving a gift to a client or prospect is an effective technique for gaining their goodwill and future business. While the cost may be modest, that gift should have a perceived value and be useful to the recipients. Videos, e-books and white papers with educational continent are very effective ways to create lead generation.

2. Show commitment and consistency

Generally speaking, people tend to feel better about themselves when the act in a consistent way. After establishing our position or reaching a decision, our actions and responses should be consistent with those choices.
In this case, you want someone to take a small step or support a generally held belief before moving on to a more innovative idea or a more substantial task afterwards. In addition, consumers are favorably impressed when you are willing to uphold your position in front of a group.
Note also that people will hesitate to make a purchase when you first appear upon the scene because the information they have about you and your product or service is insufficient. However, if you persuade them to try what you are selling free of charge, they might end up making a substantial purchase.

3. Pass the “social proof” test

Consumers often become interested in a product or service that has become popular, and marketers rely heavily on this technique. This is the reason customers’ testimonials are listed on websites, and public figures and celebrities are asked to recommend certain products.

4. Develop likeability

People tend to do business with someone they consider to be likeable. Often this perception is based on the salesperson’s pleasant personality, similar interests and related background. Work improving your presentation and establishing good relationships with others.

5. Acquire authority

We generally trust those with authority, which we feel they have earned, and tend to respond eagerly to their suggestions or requests. You can earn this enviable status by acquiring certain qualifications, years of professional experience and prestigious awards in your industry.

Author Bio: Jennie is a small business consultant residing in Utah.  She recommends Epic Marketing, a full service marketing communication agency, for superior direct mail campaigns, pay per click campaigns and SEO services.

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