6 Ways to Supplement your Income


Supplement IncomeWith the prices of goods, taxes and services going up, earning extra money each week can help to pay for those extras you had to cut out of your budget. Here are six ways to help you earn extra cash.

    1. Worm Farm

Sure, a worm farm sounds funny, but with large fishing worms selling at a dime each, this can turn into a great part-time business. You need nesting supplies as a home for worms to live. Instructions are available on the Internet to build a worm home. After the home is built, you make the choice on whether to buy earthworms, nightcrawlers or red worms to start the worm business. Finally, they need to be fed and cared for. Selling 500 worms per week will bring in an extra $50 per week. Besides anglers, worms can also be sold to home gardeners and bait shops.

    1. Yard Sale

Go through the basement, attic, garage and storage unit. If you’re not using it, you don’t need it. It’s pretty certain, though, that someone else will have a use for it and pay you to take it away. Old bicycles, kitchen appliances, clothing and toys are all good items to sell at a yard sale. The best time to hold a yard sale is on Saturday.

    1. Grilled Food

Everyone loves barbecued food. Make it known that you offer delicious dishes for a reasonable sum. Busy moms will buy ready-made meals to feed the family. Canned jars of jam and fruit are also good sellers. You may need to comply with zoning and health regulations.

    1. Business Advisor

People starting out in business are willing to pay for business advice. If you have previous experience as an accountant, sales manager or have computer skills, you are in business. Handing out business cards to existing businesses will earn you part-time jobs to make extra cash.

    1. Boarding

A spare bedroom can be rented out to a foreign student who is studying at the local college. Many college programs exist that will match a student with your home. You can earn about $15 per day by renting out a bedroom to a young boarder.

    1. Virtual Assistant

Businesses hire people online who can do bookkeeping, enter data, write copy and post ads. These are usually jobs with deadlines that allow you to work at home. Handing out cards to businesses like a PPC company, announcing yourself as a virtual assistant, will likely earn you extra money.

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