A Decade of Dells – Del Girl vs Mac Man


I’m a “Dell girl”.  Always have been. And now that I’m dating a guy named DelRea (“Del” for short), I’m even more of a “Del girl”. And happy, too. I can’t believe how much more productive thus successful I am when I’m happy!

Anyway, I’ve had several Dell personal computers and Dell laptops (even a netbook) over the last decade.  In fact, I’m typing right now on my Dell Dimension 9200 with two monitors that I’ve had over three years now, and I love it.  I probably won’t invest in a new PC until this one dies.  And I’ll probably go with Dell again (using Dell coupons of course), only next time I want three monitors to scroll across and multi-task even faster!

Sure, many of my colleagues swear by Macs – ironically all the them that tell me to “Get a Mac” when I have a PC problem are all men – I call them  “Mac Men”.  They all claim that “once you go Mac, you never go back,” but I’m a creature of habit and honestly don’t feel like learning a new system. Although the “Mac vs PC” commercials are cool, but I love commercials.

My kids all actually have personal MacBooks through our school system, but when they have computer questions, I get frustrated not being able to help them, so maybe someday I’ll invest in learning – the MacBook Air looks fun – but I just can’t cleary see myself converting.

I will have my first taste of Apple soon, though, as I won an iPad from MacMall.com – WooHoo!

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  1. Glad you are happy :) It is amazing at how being happy can increase productivity. Congrats on that Del! ;-)

  2. Dell provides excellent support! How many companies offer a 24/7 live person for you to speak to. None of your local computer companies can better that.


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