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I recently spoke on the “Affiliate Marketing Blogging Secrets” panel, part of the Monetization track at Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas with….

Jim Kukral, Moderator
Brian Littleton, President of Shareasale (shown in pic with me)
Angel Djambazov, Managing Editor of
and Todd Sawicki, stepping in for Ben Huh from

I’ve had several people since then ask me for a list of the “tools” I mentioned that I personally use on my sites.

Many of my websites use the WordPress platform, therefore I incorporate a lot of WP-Plugins (as I haven’t taken the time to convert to Thesis Theme yet).

Link Cloaking – I use this to mask my affiliate links, and it automatically adds the “nofollow” attritube. There is also NinjaAffiliate which is more robust, but is not free. Someone also mentioned, but I haven’t had time to experiment with them yet.

I also like to import content from my other sites that aren’t powered by WordPress and my Twitter status updates into the sidebars of my blogs, therefore I use the Aggregate Plug-In and Twitter Tools. More recommended WordPress Plug-Ins.

Speaking on monetizing my blogs, my main source of income is generated through affiliate programs, but I also generate revenue through additional sources, such as…

Chitika – The organic traffic visitors that I receive via Google Images generally aren’t looking to buy anything, so Chitika is cool in that it only shows relevant ads to the keywords they used to search with that pay per click.

List Building – Collect email addresses on individual post pages. I use AWeber to create hover pop-overs (usually unblockable), sign them up to receive the RSS feed via email, and set the thank you to a CPA offer (ie MarketLeverage Email Submit).

Affilistore – I have played around with this free downloadable script to make datafeed stores. If I can make a website with it in under an a hour, I’m presuming most others can as well. I downloaded datafeeds pertaining to my niche from ShareASale, changing my user id and re-uploaded to my new site. The only “marketing” I’ve done is adding the website and it’s sitemap to Google Overview and watched the sales come in.

Banner Ads – Since most people do not actually click through a banner, I prefer to shy away from CPA and CPC offers, but instead sell banner space or use a banner network such as Glam Media or TodayShow Network that pay per impression.

Google Adsense I presume everyone already knows about Google Adsense? Chloe Spencer from fully monetizes her website with only Google Adsense.

Chloe was on the panel before mine “Are You Getting the Most Money Out of Your Blog as You Can?” with Dave Taylor, Tim Jones and Chris Pirillo, which was similar to our panel.

Some people wrote blog reviews about our panel, including Ms. Babble and Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media. I think our session was too “basic” for them and aimed more towards newbies.  Can’t please ‘em all.

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  1. Great to meet you at BlogWorld Kim – thanks for letting us know we were mentioned in your panel.

    I’ve found the best converting type of affiliate links are text links that are inline with content, have a call to action, but are not overtly commercial “i.e. BUY NOW”.

    There are times when CPC text links can pay better than CPA links e.g. or Kelkoo, so its worth comparing each method. As you say with banner ads, they are better used on a CPM basis (or a tenancy if you can negotiate it).

    btw – as well as link masking, Skimlinks also saves the hassle of signing up to affiliate networks and programs, publishers get instant access to 13,000 programs and get a single aggregated payment.

    (co-founder Skimlinks)

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  5. I used chitika and adsense but I did not earn much yet. still building on it.

  6. Thanks, Really its very helpful for me. I am looking to get into this field. I have used only Google Adsense. the other tools are new for me.

  7. I’m a new blogger, and I am using the WordPress Thesis theme you briefly referenced. I highly recommend it, especially for those just starting out. Every time I get stuck, I go to their forums and usually find a answer. They seem to have a really helpful community. Just my two cents. Thanks.

  8. I actually used Google Adsense in the good old day but relying on Google along is high level risk. I now use Chikita and am seeing some fairly decent results from it.

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