Free Shirt Friday: AWeber Email Marketing

Kim wearing AWeber tshirt

Today’s Free Shirt Friday is courtesy of AWeber: Email Marketing Delivered. But first let’s reminisce to the good old days. The very first paid email platform I ever used was YMLP and I was one of their very first customers (before that I used the free YahooGroups). This was before the days of spam and […]

Free Shirt Friday: Strange Cargo

Kim in Strange Cargo tshirt

Today’s super soft free tshirt is from Strange Cargo has a brick and mortar store in Chicago that carries funny, retro and cool custom tshirt designs for all occasions with $5 flat rate shipping nationwide. And I did mention that the fabric they use is super soft?! (It’s an American Apparel 50/50 Shirt) I […]

Free Shirt Friday: Join the Robolution

Kim in Robomail Shirt

This cute red shirt in my free shirt pile (it’s an overflowing tote actually) caught my eye beings it was red and all (Go Huskers!) and it had a clever cartoon and url on it. which redirects to’s Robomail page. Robomail by Inter7 is email marketing software for large volume, time critical, opt-in […]

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