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Life is short, have an affair.

I’ve had this “Life is short, have an affair” free tshirt since AffSum Vegas, but have been procrastinating wearing it. Then when I saw the same booth promoting at AffSum Boston, they asked me when I planned to blog about it, so here I am.

If you haven’t heard of Ashley Madison, I’m actually happy for you.  There has been a lot of controversary over this dating site as it’s for married (but looking) people, and it has been all over the media as of lately.  And I’m sure they are riding the publicity wave to its highest tide.  They have 2.5 million members, with over 30,000 of them online at right now.

Now I don’t condone adultery, as my ex-husband had an affair while we were married (and thus why we divorced).  Yet I signed up for their affiliate program via CJ to use a link in this post, so does that make me a hypocrite?  I was bitter about my divorce at first, but realize I am much happier, and better off emotionally and financially without him.  Made me realize I should have gotten divorced sooner.

I understand couples fall out of love, and lust hits at inopportune times, then seek counsel. But if you are married and sign up at actually looking to have an affair, I hope your spouse takes you for all your worth and realizes she/he is happier without you.  And I’ll cash my $3 lead check, thank you.

Newest song on my iPod “I’m Done” by JoDee Messina She can have him, I’m done.

If you want me to wear your shirt (and hope that I don’t diss your site), mail to:
Kim Rowley, Key Internet Marketing, Inc., PO Box 12, Pierce NE 68767-0012

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  1. Nice post! But I thought the checks were much bigger than that for a sign-up…

  2. Thanks Brad. In CJ, they pay $3 per free sign-up, and then 70% commission for actual membership sales.

    They have an inhouse affiliate program as well, but I couldn’t see the pay-outs listed.

  3. Just saw this blog post by Zac Johnson: Ashley Madison wants You to Have an Affair! about them exhibiting at Affiliate Summit. Good read.

    I didn’t know they were giving away golf balls at their booth… wonder what the slogan was on them….

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