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Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers Tshirt

I was playing with my Logitech Quickcam making some videos (although the picture quality isn’t near as good as Patrick’s).  I realized I was wearing a free t-shirt that I actually got years ago from so decided to “capture” a few shots (these were not easy to obtain by myself, mind you).  I received this t-shirt while I was still working outside my home at a “job”, a job in healthcare even.  I actually wore this tshirt to work under scrubs.  And this has remained one of my favorite tshirts to wear.  I typed in to see what they are up to now, and it redirects to CareerBuilder’s Healthcare section. boasts an affiliate program, but I haven’t bothered to apply yet.

Want to send me a free t-shirt to wear here?  Contact me for my addy.

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