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I was reading the Google Alerts in my inbox this morning, and felt extremely honored when I saw this…

Pinnacle Awards Finalists at Affiliate Summit West 2009
Scott Aiken; Mike Allen; Kim Rowley. Affiliate Manager of the Year. Angel Djambazov; Stephanie Harris; Kim Salvino. Exceptional Merchant.; Amazon; Affiliate Marketing Advocate
Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn… –

You can read the Shawn’s full article above, or read about it on Missy’s blog (as hers is better looking).  I was nominated as a Pinnacle Awards Finalist for Affiliate of the Year, along with Scott Aikin and Mike Allen.  The only thing I have on those guys is that I have more hair, ha.  They are both exceptional affiliates, and I am privileged to be considered among them.  In fact, every finalist is a respected authority in the affiliate community, and I’m glad to call them all my friends.  Congratulations! And see you all in Vegas!

Another Google Web Alert I received…

Who has the most Followers on Twitter? (Top 100) (Nebraska, USA
Kim Rowley (kimarketing), Nebraska,, 399, 302, 531, 232 days ago. 9. Anne Good (AGOutLoud), Nebraska,

I didn’t know that a hundred people in Nebraska actually used Twitter!  I even made the Top Ten. Are you following me yet?  And if you aren’t using Google Alerts yet, I highly suggest it to see who’s talking about you!

About Kim Rowley

Kim traded in her business casual attire to work from home full-time in 2001. She now mainly works while wearing free tshirts and pajama pants. Follow Kim's Personal Accounts on Google and Twitter. And see all of Kim's sites at


  1. Gratz Kim, you got my vote for Aff of the Year!

  2. Contrats Kim — and funny — better looking blog ;-)

  3. Nebraska (and much of the Midwest) does seem to be behind on the social media bandwagon. Guess that’s good news for those of us early adopters.

    Congrats on your nomination.


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