Ello.co vs. TSU.co

New Social Network TSU Pays Users And Gives Ello Run For Money

The lifespan of the newer social network Ello.co may be short lived. It was exciting to be invited to join the cool kids and claim your username, but I personally haven’t found much value in it. And after looking at my Ello timeline, there hasn’t been much action. Now the new TSU.co is giving Ello a run for it’s money […]

Internet Marketing Pillow Talk with Kim on WorkInMyPajamas.com

Internet Marketing Pillow Talk: Take 2

I got good feedback on my first Pillow Talk attempt (or else my colleagues are good liars), so here’s goes “Take Two”. ShareASale #ThinkTank14 Recap Last week I attended ShareASale’s annual Think Tank event in Charlotte, North Carolina – my first trip to the Carolina’s. I have attended all but two of their events thus […]

Chrome and Firefox Flagging Bit.ly Links as Malware

Why To Use Your Own Domain Name With Link Shortener Services

Do you use a URL shortening service? It’s a great idea to mask your affiliates links and/or shorten links for sharing, but I highly suggest you use a domain name that you own as the shortened URL. I could tell you umpteen reasons why, but this latest news should be enough to scare to you: Chrome […]

Home Business

The Home Office: How to Protect Your “Work From Home” Business

When you are working from your home, you need to make sure you take steps to protect your home-based business. The steps will help you protect yourself, your clients and the image of your business. The Security System You need to have a security system installed in your home. These systems can include motion sensors, […]

Kim wearing new Affiliate Summit tshirt

Win Free Passes to Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas #ASW15

I just received the latest and greatest tshirt design from Affiliate Summit. The design was inspired by the Presidential seal, but notice the bald eagle is holding an iPhone! You can request your own super soft, super cool tshirt here. Shawn Collins did request on my Instagram pic that I should always wear this shirt […]

Scrabble Series Insurance

Top Five Reasons to Have Business Insurance

Business owners keep a fixed eye on their bottom line, and you may understand the importance of reducing overhead as much as possible. While some overhead may indeed be inflated and unnecessary, the fact is that the premium on business insurance is ultimately worth paying for. In fact, there are five key reasons why you […]