Half the Time What it Means to Work a Business Part of the Year

Half the Time: What it Means to Work a Business Part of the Year

When planning on working a business for only part of the year, you must be prepared to pack up and contain it for the other part. You need to be prepared to make all the money you need while you are in business, and how to provide during the off season. Many people run their […]

Why a Mobile-Compatible Business Website is Critical to Competitive Success

Why a Mobile-Compatible Business Website is Critical to Competitive Success

The ever-evolving nature of technology has forced business to evolve, grow, and change to stay competitive. The typical business requires a website to at least provide information to customers, but many take their websites one step further so that it can be used as an interactive medium meant to foster back-and-forth communications. With a greater […]

Tools to host a giveaway

15 Tools For Running Giveaways & Contests

One of the most visited posts on this blog is one I wrote back in 2007 about how to submit your contests to directories for free traffic, and since then I’ve had several people ask me how they should go about hosting a giveaway on their site in the first place. Luckily in this day and age, […]

The Business Owner Guide The Best Practices to Protect Your Company (1)

The Business Owner Guide: The Best Practices to Protect Your Company

Business owners today typically keep a close eye on future projections and goals, but there is also a strong need to focus on potential liabilities and risks. The fact is that everything from a sudden economic dip to a natural disaster, a public relations nightmare or even an accident in your workplace can all impact […]

Internet Marketing Pillow Talk with Kim

Internet Marketing Pillow Talk With Kim

I wasn’t loving the WIMP Weekly Wrap-up phrase, so I decided to go all Ricki Lake and Bethenny* on you and came up with posing in pajamas (I borrowed these gems from Tatym) surrounded by pillows. If I get brave enough I may even start to do a podcast or vlog, since the title does actually […]

Tinder Costume

How To Use Tinder To Grow Your Business

If you are not familiar with Tinder, it’s a popular mobile app meant to make it easy to meet new people (some call it a “hooking up” app*).  You pick whether you’d like to meet men or women in what age demographics. It will then show you those people within a 100 mile radius. When you are […]

Free Shirt Friday: Affiliate Summit

Free Shirt Friday: Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit has been providing “Networking and Education” for the affiliate marketing industry since 2003 from Austin (where co-founder Shawn Collins lives) to Orlando (where Shawn’s partner in crime, Missy Ward lives). And I’m proud to say that I’ve been learning, networking and supporting them all along the way. In fact, I’ve been to every […]