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5 Keys to Maintaining a Successful Business

There are five essential keys to maintain a successful business. Each key requires continual review to evaluate its efficiency. These keys are business environment, supply chain management, marketing, product review and planning profits. Clean and Efficient Business Environment A clean and efficient business environment includes buildings, equipment and fixtures to display and sell inventory. In […]

Home Office How to Better Customize Your Space

Home Office: How to Better Customize Your Space

Your home office should be a peaceful, well laid out sanctuary that encourages creativity and allows you to maximize your productivity. This can be achieved through a combination of layout and décor and if your office is difficult to move around in or has an ugly, uninspiring décor theme, you may be compromising your ability […]

Office Anywhere Design Ideas for Work at Home Parents

Office Anywhere: Design Ideas for Work at Home Parents

For those parents that work from home, creating a productive office environment is important in order to maintain a successful business, and not losing your mind. Striking the perfect balance between a no-nonsense office, and one that blends with the home’s décor will translate into an efficient and productive space that also offers a degree […]

Affiliate Programs on ShareASale that Offer Bonuses for Bloggers

75+ ShareASale Programs Offering Bonuses For Bloggers

The following online merchants all have affiliate programs in the ShareASale network and have offered bonuses for writing a blog post, adding creative to your website and/or referring other bloggers. I do not guarantee that they all have the same current opportunities available, but it doesn’t hurt to apply for when they offer them again. […]

Business Moms

Super Moms! 5 Keys to Running a Successful Business While Starting a Family

Pregnant women starting a new business face a number of challenges that the average man or woman might not face. Still, a growing number of pregnant women find the pressure to find money to pay growing medical expenses and bills outweighs those challenges. Actually, there are a few advantages associated with working at home. Many […]

Organizing Business Space Ideas to Get Your Place More Streamlined

Organizing Business Space: Ideas to Get Your Place More Streamlined

You might think your business space would stay streamlined and neat just because only you work there, but the truth is just the opposite! We all know any place you spend a lot of time in can draw in clutter, and soon you feel as if you are drowning under it all. When you want […]

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