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While in Boston, I was on the panel of the “Content that Kills” session (TrishaLyn’s review) with Lisa Picarille and Angel Djambazov.  We focused on strategies for developing compelling content to draw visitors.  Of course, our session was scheduled for the exact same time as “My 5 Favorite SEO Strategies Exposed” with Wil Reynolds so I don’t blame anyone for picking his session over ours.  And if I hadn’t been on the panel, I would have been at his session.  I’ve heard him speak several times, but learn something new from him every time.  So if you ever have the chance to see/hear him, just do it! 

Ping.fmI did take a little (ok, a lot) of slack from Sam Harrelson for bringing up as a resource during the session.  I think is a great tool as you can update all of your social networking sites (twitter, myspace, facebook, etc) all at the same time, and you can update via various methods (text, email, apps, etc. I use AIM).   Sam I am, on the other hand, thinks of this as spamming.

I offered to mud wrestle him over it, but since he didn’t show, I claim victory. Oh, and I’m getting sick of watching the Olympics, too.  Anyway, my theory is as long as you don’t use excessively, it’s not spamming, but a great source of traffic to your websites.  I use it when I write a new blog post and include the title and a link. This week, I’ve gotten the most traffic from plurk – a site I didn’t even know existed until joing Now, I don’t suggest sending every tweet and facebook comment thru – now that would be spam, Sam.  Use in moderation, and it’s all good.

If you haven’t signed up with yet, today’s beta invite code is “vivalaping” (it was “pingitlikeitshot” the day of our session, thus the title inspiration).

I haven’t even signed up for half of the social networks available to use with, yet anyway.  You can even use it to post to blogger.  So, I’m making a list there of my social networks, mainly just to jog my memory.  Anyone know how to make the links clickable on there without manually editing them? The good thing about blogger is, once you update, you’re more likely to show up in the “Next Blog>>” for people surfing blogs.

Now, as if I don’t have enough food on my plate (and I’m hungry), I think I’m going to look for a new theme for this site. This one is boring me out. Revolution maybe?

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  1. Yes! Revolution! Sam hates that, too! :)

    I personally enjoyed the panel and signed up for, but really haven’t used it much, yet. Like you, I have too much on my plate, so just trying to focus a bit before adding something new to the mix. It does look to be a very useful tool, though.

  2. Ah, the ping debate! See I thought that was a genius idea as well, then Sam started calling me a Twitter spammer lol

    Thanks for the link to my review – I’m glad you liked it! It was one of the better sessions I attended, so thanks for the great content tips!

  3. Revolution is a killer theme, or collection of themes to be more accurate. Highly, highly recommended. If you don’t want to spring for the paid versions, the free blog version is still really awesome.

    I agree with you that, when used in moderation, is okay. I only get your updates on Twitter, so from a follower standpoint, you’re not spamming *me*. I can see how people could quickly get annoyed though, if they were following you on all those services and got half a dozen duplicate updates though.

  4. Thanks for sharing I’m going to check ping out I’ll keep the moderation in mind. :)

  5. OH themes almost forgot… I found this link on Lisa Riolo’s blog and the designs there look pretty nifty:

  6. Trisha Lyn (and everyone else), thanks for the kind compliments and the theme recommendations – I’ll check them out!

  7. I was looking for something exactly like Ping. Thanks! It works with so many networking sites that it compels to become a member of each – or at least now it makes sense to join each. With the Ping tool it’s possible to keep things up to date on each page from anywhere. I just registered and look forward to using this cool tool.


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