Power of Twitter: Zappos Sells Books


Move over Amazon, Zappos.com sells books!

When I toured Zappos‘ headquarters while in Vegas for ASW09, they handed out cool bookbags and let us pick out a complimentary book.  Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos personally read and recommends every book choice. Since I finished reading my book, I tweeted this to Tony yesterday asking if he had a list online of all the recommended books so I could add some more to my library… 

Tweet From @KIMarketing to @Zappos

Tony direct messaged me today with this link:

I was not only impressed to receive a response from the CEO within 24 hours, but also impressed by what I saw when I clicked on the link!  Not only were the recommended books listed, but with links to them for sale directly from Zappos.com!

Then being the bargain shopper that I am, I did some price comparison shopping on the “Most Popular” book titles…

Flipping The Switch by John G. Miller, $13.57 with Free Shipping (remember Zappos offers Free Shipping Both Ways on ALL orders). Amazon Price $13.57 Plus Shipping if you’re not an Amazon Prime Member.

Purple Cow by Seth Godin, $14.25 Free Shipping. Amazon Price $14.25

The Big Moo by Seth Godin, $13.57 Free Shipping. Amazon Price $13.57

See a trend here (besides Seth Godin’s association with cattle)? Yep, all the same prices.  Coincidence? I think not. Being an Amazon Prime Member, I’m probably more apt to order from there, as I get Free 2-Day Shipping.  But for those of you not as “prime” as myself, then ordering from Zappos.com would be the better option.

Now which book should I order first?  Which books have you read yet?

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  1. Zappos Rocks! I just got a call from Zappos after they read my post making me a VIP Customer! Benefits include FREE One Business Day Shipping! Take that Amazon.


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