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I just got done recording podcast with Missy Ward, Karen Garcia and special guest Chris Pearson creator of the WordPress Thesis Theme. Follow @TheSpew on Twitter to be notified when the episode is produced and uploaded online to listen!

On the show, we talked about various WordPress Plug-Ins that we recommended.  Chris, on the other hand is “anti-plugin” and stated you don’t need plugins if you use the Thesis Theme from DIYThemes (hint, hint). Chris gasped and had to pull the sword from his chest after I said I currently have 36 plugins activated on my shoe blog (obviously I don’t use Thesis Theme…. as of yet anyway…) 

I picked 8 of the plug-ins I recommend to highlight…

1. Aggregate – Allows you to place the contents of an RSS feed into your posts, pages &/or sidebar.

2. All in One SEO Pack – Out-of-the-box Search Engine Optimization (I actually forgot to mention this one, but Karen brought it up!)

3. Google XML Sitemaps – Generates a Sitemap.xml for search engines (Chris recommends submitting your sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools.)

4. Link Cloaking Plugin – Cloaks outgoing links (ie masks affiliate links). Missy recommended the MaxBlogPress Ninja that Shoemoney has been pimping, so I may have to give that plugin a try.

5. phpBay Lite – Adds eBay auction listings to your posts with just keywords.

6. Post-Plug Library Supports Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, and Recent Comments plugins.

7. Subscribe to Comments – Allows readers to receive an email when new comments are posted to an entry. This is the only plugin that Chris recommended!

8. Youtuber – Adds YouTube videos to posts easily.

Other WordPress Plug-Ins we discussed were…

AdRotator – Rotates Ads (duh)

Adsense Deluxe – Inserts ads into posts

Category Visibility – Post only certain categories (Karen recommends this for “hiding” personal stuff from the main category line up)

Linkshare Link LookupShawn Collins reviewed this.

Do you have a favorite plugin for WordPress not listed above?  Please leave a comment and tell us!

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  1. Since I’ve been micro-blogging with Twitter more and more, I’ve found that I haven’t been writing full blog posts. So I use the Lifestream plugin to post my (and my wife’s) Twitter updates to our family website, along with my Picasa RSS feed. There’s 50 different feeds that can be added to the Lifestream page.

  2. Wp-spamfree(wins hands down vs Akismet)

  3. Hey, useful list!

    I am using plugin # 2,3,7 from your list. ALL-in-oneSEO is in ever one’s list. great plugin.
    @Robert Akismet is the best spam protection I have ever used on my blogs, but will try your suggestion (wp-spamfree)

  4. WP offers so many plug-ins for spam Protection, utilities, stats, fun stuff and niche. Indeed, it’s absolutely a great web platform available on the web and the list of the plug-in available is very useful to all WP users.

  5. I tried some other open source blog program the other day. Shook my head after undoubtedly experiencing problems after installation. So to make a long story short, Im back on wordpress.

  6. Jim Gilbert says:

    Nice list. I am just learning about WP, and am going to convert my site to it. Thanks for sharing.


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