Marketing 101: Getting Your New Business Off The Ground

Google+ Business Card

One of the most difficult things about getting a new business up and running is attracting a customer base. The problem arises when a new start-up doesn’t have the money to devote to marketing. The good news is this: With just a hundred dollars or two, you can market your business effectively. Here are five […]

Unlocking the Key of KIMarketing

When I registered the domain name back in 2004, I knew I wanted it to represent the name of my company as I switched my business from a sole-proprietor to a corporation. KIM is obviously not only my given first name (short for Kimberly), but an acronym for Key Internet Marketing. I remember chatting […]

Are you on my Wall of Names?

I originally went to college to be a commercial artist.  And well, you can see where that got me.  I never got into computer graphic art (I’m definitely no Jen Goode).  I have to bribe my brother for logos and such after I free-hand sketch them out. It seems I’ve always been obsessed with creating collages, as you can […]