Win Free Passes to Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas #ASW15

Kim wearing new Affiliate Summit tshirt

I just received the latest and greatest tshirt design from Affiliate Summit. The design was inspired by the Presidential seal, but notice the bald eagle is holding an iPhone! You can request your own super soft, super cool tshirt here. Shawn Collins did request on my Instagram pic that I should always wear this shirt […]

Eric Thomas Made Me Cry

Kim Rowley and Eric Thomas

I started crying when motivational speaker Eric Thomas, aka The Hip Hop Preacher, was giving his keynote presentation at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas earlier this week.  I could relate to him on so many levels. I know, you’re thinking what does a sheltered white girl from Nebraska have in common with a black preacher […]

Want to Pick my Brain about Working from Home?

Awhile back I added a semi-harsh disclaimer to my contact page: I hate to be rude, but please do not contact me asking to help you work from home.  I self-taught myself everything.  I can’t pay the bills by teaching everyone else what I do for free. If you want me to teach you, I […]