10 Steps to Setting up a Profitable Blog

Internet Domain Photo WWW Website

1.  Pick your site topic, something you are knowledgeable and/or passionate about. 2. Register a domain name, preferably with your topic as keywords. I  suggest a registering a “.com” instead of a “.net”, “.biz”, etc. 3. Set up a web site hosting account. The cheapest plan is usually all you will need until your traffic […]

Gilbert Gottfried as Octomom Video

I was looking at my stats this week (I use StatCounter.com – it’s free) and noticed the the top referring keywords for this site were “gilbert gottfried as octomom“.  Did I blog about this?  No.  But I twittered it! And I use Alex King’s Twitter Tools (also free) to pull my tweets into the sidebar of my site. So, […]