The Worst Affiliate Summit Ever


For 5000+ attendees, the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas last week was considered one of the best affiliate marketing conferences of all time. Unfortunately for me, I spent the majority of my time in Sin City in bed, alone, battling influenza, and therefore missed out on most of the action. I probably should’ve just stayed home, as did Anne Fognano of CleverMoms did due to illness, but I didn’t want to let down my panel as I’m not sure it would be politically correct to let two men cover a whole session about “Is Bigger Always Better?” (slide deck).

Is Bigger Always Better? Panel at Affiliate SummitJeremy Palmer, Joe Sousa, Kim Rowley
Photo Credit: Sarah Bundy

We missed our other female partner-in-crime, Lisa Picarille, but Jeremy Palmer and Joe Sousa did a great job while I mostly sat and coughed up a lung. Kelly Clay wrote up a nice review of our session: Advice For New Affiliates: Start Small and Think Niche.

Other highlights of Affiliate Summit from my colleagues (in case you missed the action as well):

By the last night, I thought I felt well enough to attend the farewell dinner for speakers because who doesn’t love the Toby Keith bar?!

Kim Rowley & Shannon Weidemann

Me with Shannon Weidemann, who still roomed with me even after I told her I had her name tattooed on my boob.
Photo Credit: Coffee Nate

But after half a drink and someone telling me I looked like death, the reality of my sickness kicked in, and back to bed I went.  My influenza has now morphed into pneumonia, and I’m working from my own bed. I’m sure my immune system is extra weak due to the recent stresses in my life, and I pray I didn’t infect anyone (I took the doctor’s orders of not kissing anyone very seriously).  Luckily I have a few months to recover before the next Summit – see you all in Philly!

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  1. Rough. Seriously Rough. Get well soon Kim, hope you’re back to health in no time.

  2. Oh no! I had no idea you were that sick! I hope you have a speedy recovery now that you can rest up at home :)

  3. Shame! So sorry it turned out that way. You honestly still looked beautiful on your panel, even if you were so unwell. Way to pull through for your team. (and thanks for the photo credit – it was the least I could do!)

  4. Hope you feel better soon.

    I’ve got to think a boot of booze at Toby Keith’s might have destroyed all the germs.

    “I took the doctor’s orders of not kissing anyone very seriously”

    So no very serious kisses, but some not so serious kisses?

  5. Ughh on the pneumonia. Definitely missed you at some of the more fun events for sure. Feel better soon!

  6. Hey Kim hope you feel better! Good on you for still doing the panel though, that 40deg weather looked insane (it’s been 43deg here in Australia too, but celcius :) … We shd have a Summit during Vegas summer!!


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