Books on Customer Service
Providing quality customer service is the foundation of almost any successful business in recent times. Employees and management of a customer feedback management company should consider finding the most appropriate reading material that can help improve interactions at the workplace. Below is a list of ten of some of the best books on customer service that can help improve management’s effectiveness and employees’ interactions with clients on a daily basis.

The Cult of the Customer 
Author: Shep Hyken
Most professionals fun this book fun to read. There are a lot of helpful tools to use and ideas throughout the book. The central idea of the book is building a better business that is focused on the customer. One of the best chapters in the book is Chapter 16: “The Art of WOW”

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless 
Author: Jeffrey Gitomer
This is very direct and engaging, it effectively keeps most readers interested. The best parts of the book are the high level of interaction and the helpful lists that are included.

That’s Customer Focus 
Authors: Ray Miller and Laura E. Miller
This is organized pretty well and is straightforward in discussing the essentials to providing top quality customer service.

Unleashing Excellence 
Authors: Dennis Snow & Teri Yanovitch
This is also organized well and covers many tools and tips. The first tool “The Service Philosophy” is extremely helpful.

Who’s Your Gladys 
Authors: Marilyn Suttle & Lori Jo Vest
This is filled with detailed examples and stories to improve customer service. The “Gladys Responds” is a must-read.

Exceptional Customer Service
Authors: Lisa Ford, David McNair, William Perry and Tony Hsieh
Customer service examples from popular organizations are the best parts about this book.

Customer Loyalty Guaranteed 
Authors: Chip R. Bell & John R. Patterson
This is easy to read and focuses on improving customer service from the top down.

Your Call is Not That Important to Us 
Author: Emily Yellin
This book covers AT&T’s history and how organizations have improved their customer service efforts.

Customers for Life 
Authors: Carl Sewell and Paul Brown
This book teaches how to assess and fulfill specific customers’ needs on a daily basis.

Award Winning Customer Service 
Author: Renee Evenson
This book provides detailed information for employees interested in improving their own customer service efforts.

Finding the right books can help employees become more productive, more efficient and more appeasing for customers to deal with. Providing reading material for employees and management can be an effective way to reinforce of the values of the organization and the expectations of high quality customer service conveyed during preliminary orientations.