Working from home might seem like a dream – and it really is!

However, there are some inherent risks that are undertaken when someone chooses to build their own business from home.

A home business isn’t some desk job where you can just clock in and clock out!

It needs to be actively worked on everyday and in the end – it is you that is responsible for every aspect of your business.

This can be very challenging as it’s basically impossible for anyone to be an expert in everything.

Some of us are expert marketers.

Some of us are killer service providers.

Some of us just have great ideas.

However, none of us are truly skilled in every single aspect required to run a business from tip to top.

This is why we build teams, use outside service providers, contract out work – or find some way some how to keep the dream alive.

With that in mind, this article is for those who are missing the expert skill level in web development and web design.

web design

We will cover 3 of the biggest mistakes that people make with their business website that could have a serious impact on the success of their home biz!

Bad Design Burns Leads!

These days, your website is basically your first impression on the world.

It needs to be completely on point.

Regardless of how much experience you have, the types of services you offer, or the depth of expertise you hold – a well-polished and smartly designed website can make a huge difference for converting leads into customers.

Web design can easily be overlooked, but it’s a big mistake to do so!

The presentation of your website will have a direct impact (even though it may be subtle or subconscious) on every visitor to your domain.

The stronger your design work – the more trust and confidence leads will inherently feel when they come to your website.

Although simple design can be very appealing – design itself isn’t simple.

If you don’t have the design skills yourself, then you may want to hiring a web designer who can help you make it perfect.

If you are going to tackle it yourself – here are a few common mistakes to watch out for:

  • Poor image sizing / quality
  • Difficult UX
  • Bad CTAs
  • Confusing information
  • Too much empty space or too crowded

Confusing Calls-To-Action!

The CTAs on your website are an incredibly important part of your web design.

These are the triggers that will prompt visitors to follow a desired action, whether that is to get in contact, make a purchase, download a piece of content, or whatever else aids in your pipeline for growing your business.

If your CTAs are all over the place or cannot be easily understood within seconds of seeing them – you may as well consider all of your website visitors gone with the wind.

A CTA needs to grab attention, pull in the visitor, and compel them to action.

This is no easy task, but there are a few things that should always be considered to create a strong CTA:

  1. Use powerful words and language that command visitors with authority
  2. Demonstrate a compelling reason for visitors to follow the CTA
  3. Create clear buttons that pop-out to draw attention from visitors

No Personal Touch!

A home business is usually very close to the heart of the person who has started it.

People connect with other people more than anything.

It’s incredibly important to ensure that your website has a personal touch that demonstrates your passion and dedication to your business because it will benefit your own personal credibility and increase your conversion rates.

Visitors want to know who is going to be helping them and by putting your face to your work – your leads will inherently trust you more and be more excited to work with you!

Take some time to display your experience and passion for your business and use that as an aspect of your web design.

Here are a few ideas on how to make your website look and feel more personal:

  • Add an ‘about’ page to your website that tells your personal story
  • Link to your social media profiles
  • Point to accreditation or accomplishments that you are proud of