5 Reasons Why Working From Home Rocks

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Two weeks ago I asked a dear friend that if she was given the choice to work from home, would she accept. She responded quite candidly, “Well what’s so great about working from home?” So many things! While working from home isn’t made for everyone, there are some pretty cool perks that can benefit many individuals. To learn what some of those perks are and to see if working from home might be something ideal for you, continue reading below.

1. More Time to Sleep in

If you live in the suburbs for example and your regular commute to your place of employment takes you a good 45 minutes, you have to wake up pretty early just to make it to work on time. And because you have to wake up so early, typically you’re forced to be greeted by the irritating sound of an alarm clock and a steamy cup of coffee to get you going. The opportunity to sleep in a little longer will help your body wake up naturally which will help you more easily transition from your deep sleep—this also means you’re less groggy and agitated in the mornings and ready to take on the world sans caffeine. If you prefer to continue waking up early however, this also means that you now have more time to do important things like take a quick trip to the gym, eat a well-balance breakfast, or drive your children to school since you’re no longer rushed for time.

2. Less time Spent in Your Car

As if waiting in morning and afternoon gridlock on your route to and from work each day wasn’t stressful enough, knowing that you’ll never get that precious time back is even more depressing. The average person who has a 24.3 minute commute to work will waste about 100 hours of their life a year on the road—that’s equal to more than three days, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Instead, you can save some gas money, reduce your stress levels, help sustain the environment, and do something productive with your time instead of waiting in traffic everyday by choosing to work from home.

3. Perfect for Introverts

While some people love to be able to socialize with large groups of people and go to lunches and happy hours with their co-workers, there are others who are a tad bit more low-key and prefer to stick to themselves. If you suffer from social anxiety disorder or maybe you’re even a bit of a germaphobe or have obsessive compulsive disorder, than working from home is ideal.

4.  You can Make Healthier and Cheaper Food Choices

Trying to eat-right while saving money can be a huge struggle when working at an office—there is just way too much temptation: local eateries and fast food joints. Even if you bring a healthy homemade lunch to work, all it takes is a few co-workers to convince you to come join them for lunch at the new hamburger shack across the street. Burgers add up and they pack on pounds too.

5. Tax Deductible Possibilities

Lastly, if you own run your own business through your home, you are most likely eligible to receive a work-from-home deductible come filing tax time. This alone can make working from the confinements of your own home all the worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Working From Home Rocks”

  1. I’ll add these:

    Have more time to spend to your family.
    Have more time for other house activities.
    Build good relationship to your family members.
    More time for your kids.

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