6 Reasons to List Your Business on a Local Directory

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Trying to expand and gain more leads over competitors is a dream of any small or big firm out there. Online local business listings offers this edge that just optimizing your business’ online presence and advertising can’t cover. They work way better than yellow pages, giving instant company information to customers.

For this reason, 91% of local customers go online to search for products or services a business is offering just a few blocks away. The following are some astounding benefits local directories provide and why you don’t want to miss them:

1. High Conversion

Most businesses don’t know 72% of people who carry out a local-based online search end up visiting the establishment closest to them. Now, consider that for a moment.

When you made your business website, you have successfully begun the laborious journey of trying to rank on the first page of SERP, which normally takes several months! But here, through Google My Business, your business not only gets the attention it seeks, but it gets it from the people who are highly likely to make a purchase.

2. More Visibility at Your Doorstep

Nowadays many new listing services prefer to draw information about companies from larger directories. Hence, by creating your business listing in some big directories like Yelp or Manta, you get the chance to get listed in several other directories, and that translates to a freaking high visibility ratio for your firm.

3. Better Ways to Be Seen

You might not know this, but local directories match your company to local searches based on various criteria. This is part of the reason you need to ensure that your information on any local list is accurate and extensive.

These listing directories know that most potential customers don’t know the name of the company they are looking for. So, local directories use the information you give them to match you to a potential customer based on services needed, business location, and category to name a few.

4. Tell Your True Story

Local business directories give businesses the space to add crucial details about their products and services. Now, it is essential you don’t go ignoring this opportunity as 93% of consumers get frustrated over incorrect information of a company in an online directory. And do you know what’s worse? 68% of people who find out your closing and opening hours are wrong, and you don’t offer what you’re listed for, or you don’t have a website link or contact information, end up not trusting or using your services again.

For this reason, you shouldn’t only edit and update your listing, but also check across other directories to ensure that the information is accurate as sometimes smaller directories draw details from larger listing services and they end up missing some info.

5. Grow Your Brand

Another key benefit of local business directory is that they allow firms of all kinds to grow their brand by sustaining a good reputation. People who have used your services can rate your firm and write about their experience. This goes a great way to convince other buyers as 88% of consumers trust online reviews. And even if you’re not online you can still receive calls with Answer First.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

For the price of getting your firm listed in an online directory, they also offer a lot of other benefits. You get the chance to drive more traffic to your website, genuine reviews, boost your search engine rank, connect to loads of consumers in just minutes of listing.


With all these astounding benefits from online directories, you might wonder why bother for other SEO techniques when I can leverage this to the max? That’s because you need to grow your business beyond your locality and maintain your customers. However, it is equally important to ensure your home game is on the right track.

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