6 Websites To Help You Make Money As A Freelance Translator

Make Money As A Freelance Translator

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A side hustle is always a good way to earn money, and this is the reason more people are working as a freelance translator. Many people are under the misconception that no one will be willing to hire freelance translators on the internet, but this is completely wrong because many thriving web platforms hire tons of people for freelance translation work. You can not only earn extra but can also have a flexible work schedule as you can login to these websites from anywhere and anytime.

To help you get started as a freelance translator, we have listed down some popular platforms that you can use.

1. Unbabel

Probably one of the largest communities of translators online is the Unbabel community. Unbabel today has more than 40,000+ translators working for it in more than 28+ languages. Working in this community as a beginner you can earn about $8 per hour and as you become an expert translator and start getting more order, the pay gradually increases up to $18 per hour.

One of the best features of this platform is, it not only provides you the copy of the document to be translated, but it also give you an AI-generated version of same, thereby helping you greatly. Not only this, they have released their mobile application as well giving you a chance to earn money on the go.

2. Translate.com

Translate.com  is a freelance translation network where both the customers and translators can connect. Translate.com has a thriving community of paid translators that provide highly accurate human translations. Are you multilingual? Sign up and get started today!

  • Every task is first come, first serve. No more bidding or waiting for translations.
  • Take a test to be qualified in the languages you wish to translate
  • Translate blog articles, social media posts, support tickets, and more!
  • Cash out your earnings anytime, directly to your Paypal® account.

3. TranslatorBase

Similar to how many woodworkers use straightkerfs.com for advice on the best Miter saws, most freelance translators working professionally, prefer TranslatorBase to find the translation jobs. These working professionals need a platform where they can translate on a flexible schedule. One such online platform that provides the same is TranslatorBase. It has a network of 60,000 translators working on more than 85,000 projects on an annual basis. Using this platform, you not only can get freelance translation works, but you can also hire translation agencies.

4. TRADUguide

TRADUguide is one decent system for finding a number of translation jobs. With this platform in place, you can see and bid on a number of translation jobs listed on its portfolio and hence can get earn a decent salary working as a freelance translator online. The website on its main page has the tasks listed by the client; you can bid and send your profile to at most 4 clients a day which if hired can give you a good pay.

5. ProZ

Your search for finding the best freelance translation jobs across the globe should end here. ProZ is a free platform which allows you to bid and take translation work from a variety of clients and hence earn great fees in return. All you are required to do is create your free profile after which you can take up any number of orders and earn as per your convenience working online.

6. TranslatorsCafe

One of the other platforms which you can use working at freelance translator is the TranslatorsCafe. Similar to other portals this platform offers you a chance to register yourself and send clients your profile based on the type of orders they have listed. The website also has a premium or Master version available using which you will be shown greater value orders.

This platform also allows you to get into direct contact with clients using e-mail and hence you can contact clients in person and finalize your terms and start working on orders.

So, these are the top online services which allow you to earn handsomely working as a freelance translator. If you also do know of some ways to earn good money do not forget to mention them in the comment section below.

How To Make Money As A Translator


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3 thoughts on “6 Websites To Help You Make Money As A Freelance Translator”

  1. Unbabel is limited to a dozen of languages, while Translatorbase is just to get money out of users.

  2. Proz used to be free but they’ve since put up a paid membership restriction to access the job board. Signing up and participating in the forums are the only free options left there.

  3. Do you know there are actuel PROFESSIONAL translators ? For whom their job is not side hustle ?
    Those rates are actually killing the market and making clients beliveve that anyone whot barely pratices two langages can be a translator, which is far from being true.
    I have seen first hand the low quality work non professional translators usually produce… needless to say the poor proofreader that is working on the document usually has to rewrite the whole thing AND do the terminological researches all over again.

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