Affiliate Marketing isn’t for Everyone

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Last Updated on May 7, 2022 by Work In My Pajamas

The majority of visitors that come to this website are looking for legitimate work at home opportunities. While affiliate marketing (what I do) is definitely a great opportunity to work from home, it isn’t for everyone as you have to be your own boss. You definitely need to have some business sense for all the paperwork (and dreaded tax reports) as well as management skills to discipline yourself from distractions to be productive.

So, if you don’t want to run your own home business, and you want to actually just work for a company, be sure to search for companies that let you “telecommute”.  And legitimate companies will not ask for any fees upfront.

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing isn’t for Everyone”

  1. Being a freelancer really need a dedication and discipline towards work because there are no boss to command you and you are only in your home so you can what ever you want.

  2. It is really really crucial for people that want to work at home to have discipline on their self because it is really hard to manage your time when you know the bed is just near at you and you know that you can work for the time you want.

  3. Discipline is key whenever you become your own boss – you really need to motivate yourself and get your arse in gear and work really hard.

    Its easier to work for someone than for yourself but the rewards arnt as great.

  4. You need to spend both time and effort in order to be successful in internet marketing. Otherwise, you’ll end up not accomplishing anything. Also, you need to define a good strategy which you can follow all through out the process. Something that you can make us from time to time.

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