The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosaline GardnerWinner

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Congrats to Janie McQueen, winner of our Giving Away the Goods Contest who won a brand new copy of Rosalind Gardner’s The Super Affiliate Handbook!  I have a few more of Ros’s books to give away, so look for another giveaway in the future.

I finally gave in to the Twitter trend and started “twitting”.  You can follow me here.
I’ve been auto-updating it via TwitterFeed and FB2Twit (uses my Facebook status).
Wonder who owns Twatter.com?  I would jump on monetizing that if I did.  ‘Nuf said.

Anyway, back to biz, I’ve been compiling a list of related blogs written by my colleagues for added resources.  It’ll remain a work in progress as I add more links.

I also finally decided to play with Movie Maker (free download from Microsoft) after I made a video for my Mailbox Monday feature.  Obviously youtube won’t let you upload more than 10 minutes worth of clips, and I rambled on for more than 12 minutes, so I figured out how to cut out a few frames (ie useless jokes).  Movie Maker also lets you add screens and words, too cool. And just today, I see youtube now lets you “add video annotations”.  Now I need to play with that to see if I can add words to previously uploaded videos.

But for now, tune into my youtube channel this week as I actually let the world see me with no makeup on (can’t wear it for a week after my lasik enhancement surgery, argh!).