And the WIMP winner is…


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Last Updated on May 7, 2022 by Work In My Pajamas

The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosaline GardnerWinner, winner, chicken dinner! Congrats to Janie McQueen, winner of our Giving Away the Goods Contest who won a brand new copy of Rosalind Gardner’s The Super Affiliate Handbook!  I have a few more of Ros’s books to give away, so look for another giveaway in the future.

I finally gave in to the Twitter trend and started “twitting”.  You can follow me here.
I’ve been auto-updating it via TwitterFeed and FB2Twit (uses my Facebook status).
Wonder who owns  I would jump on monetizing that if I did.  ‘Nuf said.

Anyway, back to biz, I’ve been compiling a list of related blogs written by my colleagues for added resources.  It’ll remain a work in progress as I add more links.

I also finally decided to play with Movie Maker (free download from Microsoft) after I made a video for my Mailbox Monday feature.  Obviously youtube won’t let you upload more than 10 minutes worth of clips, and I rambled on for more than 12 minutes, so I figured out how to cut out a few frames (ie useless jokes).  Movie Maker also lets you add screens and words, too cool. And just today, I see youtube now lets you “add video annotations”.  Now I need to play with that to see if I can add words to previously uploaded videos.

But for now, tune into my youtube channel this week as I actually let the world see me with no makeup on (can’t wear it for a week after my lasik enhancement surgery, argh!).

5 thoughts on “And the WIMP winner is…”

  1. Update – fb2twit does not appear to be working!

    I am using Blog It now… looks like I need to set up a FriendFeed and Jaiku account…

  2. I find that limit of youtube of 10 minutes to be a bias against ladies. Anyone who expects them to talk within that time frame is a chauvinist

  3. YouTube in keeping it to 10 minutes is allowing other people to put in their word as well. Else some could completely hog the time.

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