As my avid readers know, I spend a large amount of time fielding inquiries from folks interested in starting up in the world of affiliate marketing or e-commerce.  By the time I’m done listing off all the details they’ll have to consider, I can tell that many of them are apprehensive. It all sounds so daunting! I have to remind myself that I’ve been doing this for years. I’m used to the early days, where a business had to enlist the service of multiple different vendors for their needs, from hosting, to customer service, or graphic design. By the time you realistically look at all the moving parts it will require to realize your dream, it’s no wonder some people never go through with it.

Those times are on their way out, though, and services like Concierge by CoolHandle are poised to replace them. Concierge offers a comprehensive solution for anyone tired of managing all those moving parts. Everything is fully customizable to your needs – no easy feat in an industry where globally outsourced companies serve hundreds of clients and can’t fine-tune their strategies to individuals. Let’s not even go into how much time you lose communicating across time zones. With Concierge by CoolHandle, you have one point of contact on a team that will take care of everything.

The Concierge package includes everything from Tuned Hosting (CoolHandle’s longest running area of expertise), to Marketing Materials (they’ll create your graphics, such as banner ads), to API Integration. Their Affiliate Program is top-notch, using a proprietary three-tier system for tracking sales, to ensure accurate reporting for commissions. If you want, the Concierge package can even include Customer Service, for those of you too busy to field customer inquiries.

In what I find to be an extremely unique move, CoolHandle has taken it upon themselves to add some very non-traditional services to their already impressive Concierge package. Upon investigation, you will find that video production, website design, copywriting, and legal services are now available items on their menu. We’ve moved way past the era of text-only websites, but many newcomers don’t have the skills it takes to dress their site up as professionally as super affiliates with more established web presence. CoolHandle will not only fill out your site with multimedia content, but even dig into some of the legal mumbo jumbo that comes along with running a business in an unfamiliar medium.

For an Internet entrepreneur with a dream, but without a perfect idea of how to achieve it, the Concierge package is exactly what the doctor ordered. We got into this business because we didn’t want to work for someone else, but by doing so, lost the ability to have a huge team of specialists on our side, who can handle all those tasks we can’t do by ourselves. When you outsource them all to various vendors, you still have to jump through all those hoops to organize their efforts, since they can’t communicate directly with each other. At that point, you have to wonder why you went into business for yourself at all! Concierge by CoolHandle will consolidate that mess into one point of contact, so that it feels like you’re the boss of one extremely competent individual who gets the results you’re paying them for, without the headaches – simple as that.

To learn more about Concierge by CoolHandle: A Premium Tailored Affiliate Service, you can check them out online at http://concierge.coolhandle.com  or you can call their toll-free customer service line at: (888) 959-7295.