CrakRevenue Review 2019 – How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

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Last year, I have created a blog post talking about the 40 side hustle ideas you can do to make money while at home. One of the items I added there was affiliate marketing, a practice that I currently use in this blog.

Yes, as I mentioned last time, you can do what I do and earn money even without getting out and finding an actual job (although that’s not a bad idea either). That is all thanks to affiliate marketing. And if you need some help on the how’s and the why’s and what’s, I can recommend to you

What is CrakRevenue?

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

CrakRevenue is a CPA (cost-per-action) marketing company that helps you and I make a profit even after clients and web visitors don’t end up buying what we sell. They started their business in early 2010, with only eleven employees. Now, they employ as much as 2,000 people to accommodate all of their clients who are looking to earn passive income just as much as you.

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

Depending on what package service you avail, CrakRevenue helps you determine the best ways on how to earn money every time someone who stumbles on your site does something, like signing up, clicking on a link or ad, and more.

Before anything else, you can take a look at their website to see if they are worth the time and money to spend on. Just like any other business, you need to have seed money in order to start somewhere. And if you want to earn it back as quickly as possible, Crakrevenue is someone you can rely on to that.

How Do I Start with CrakRevenue?

So how do you start using Crakrevenue to make money? By signing up, of course!

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

Answer all the questions they have to the best of your ability—don’t worry, you don’t have to know everything—then wait for one of their agents to get back to you.

What makes CrakRevenue better than other CPA network companies is their customer service support. We consumers do not like waiting for days for someone to come back to us about our concerns. CrakRevenue takes pride in lessening this problem as much as possible by streamlining and responding to all questions and concerns as quickly as a day or less. That is all thanks to their customer service team that is available 24/7. This group of individuals is highly trained to assist you from the beginning of your application until the time you launch your site. They can also help you create the perfect affiliate package that you can use to earn passive income through your site. And No, they won’t leave you even after you have made a steady income. In fact, they would even help you gain more!

After signing up and being approved by one of our agents, you may now have access to your Dashboard.

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

The Dashboard serves as an overview on the status of your website both financially and virtually. CrakRevenue also uses the Dashboard to promote recent offers and blog posts that could further aid you in earning profit.

What are “Offers”?

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

You may be probably wondering what “Offers” mean and why do I keep mentioning them. In this section, I will talk about some of the offerings they have which you can use to promote your products and services. But first, how does Offerings help you make money?

CrakRevenue has tons of offers or “affiliates” that use their platform to promote other brand’s products and services. To help you understand their job, let’s give a scenario.

For example, you created a slimming pill that could help women find a date. However, you don’t have enough money or the skills to promote it yourself. CrakRevenue can then help you find other sellers who will do the promotion for you by putting up ads in their own websites. These sellers or affiliates already have established names and brands. They have a solid audience and web traffic which you can turn to paying customers.

Once one of their visitor clicks on their link, buys your product or service, and registers to find out more, you get a profit. CrakRevenue and the affiliates will then get a cut from said profit for a job well done. Win-win situation!

The tricky part of choosing the affiliate, though, is that you have to find one that suits your product or service best. For instance, you do not want to get an offer from a DIY website if the product you are endorsing is slimming pills. The site’s audience won’t be interested to find out more about what you have, much less buy from you.

Thankfully, the Offers page makes it easy for you to find the perfect offers that suit the product and service you provide. Once you find one, you can now generate an affiliate tracking URL that your affiliates can use to promote your brand.

For example, if you choose the offer, the Offers page will generate a URL that the affiliate will use to post on their site.

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

What does a Featured Offer contain? Aside from the name of said offer, you will see a Vertical, Targeting, Payout, and Payout Type for each one.

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

  • Vertical: The industry that the offer specializes in (dating, nutrition, beauty, gambling, etc.)
  • Targeting: The type of user device that you want your visitors to access you (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.)
  • Payout Types: The type of payment scheme you want to generate money on (DOI, SOI, Revshare, etc.)
  • Payout: The cut you will get for each payout type.

You can find the perfect offer by customizing any of these choices based on your needs using the Browse Offers window.

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

Do I Have Other Ways to Earn More With CrakRevenue?

Getting the perfect offer is just one way to gain profit on your site. But do you know that there is also another way to earn more? That is through Crakrevenue’s referral program!

How to Earn Passive Income through Your Website

Basically, all you need to do is refer a friend who is also launching a website and looking for an affiliate marketing company that would help him or her earn profit through CPA marketing as well. Ask her to use your referral link which you can generate in the Referrals section on your Dashboard. Once she starts earning profit, you gain 5% commission from it!

How Would CrakRevenue Pay Me?

CrakRevenue currently has four ways in sending payments for the profit you earned. You can either use Paxum or First Choice Pay (formerly known as Payoneer) if you have an account on either of the two. They can also do wire transfers straight to your bank account, or simply just send you a check.

Do note that CrakRevenue releases payments bi-monthly. This means that they send out invoices at the 1st and 15th of the month. In addition, the invoice should have a minimum request of $100 each. Unfortunately for wire transfers, you have to wait until your profit goes up to $500. It is because the cost for wire transfers is more expensive than the other three methods.

Final Recommendations

Crakrevenue is your go-to website if you need extra help in generating sales through your website traffic. Why watch tons of videos on how to start creating a website and earning profit from it if there is someone out there who would happily walk you step-by-step through the whole process? Check out CrakRevenue today and start earning from your website today!

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