“Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun” – Interview with Dom Kepska – Managing Owner of Intermedia Global Team

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  1. What is Intermedia Global Team all about?

We deliver creative solutions to customers world wide. Our mission is to focus and to encourage young professionals, owners of small businesses, artists, musicians, future designers, photographers to make the first step in gaining online exposure, and that is creating a website. We can help to achieve that goal with our flagship product: Intermedia Creator. Our motto states: Create and (L)earn. We are huge fans of “working remotely” philosophy, our team is spread in 3 countries) USA, UK, Poland (70% of the team works from home) so we know the aspects and risks that occur at the early stage of the business set up such as costs of office rent for example. And that can be certainly minimized these days, thanks to solutions like these. We want to provide our customers that are currently at the beginning of their business journey with online presence in the best possible way.

  1. What challenges can one face while working remotely?

Since your office is “laptop and internet access”, and you can be based literally everywhere, and as brilliant as it sounds, the essential thing to remember is that you have to be organized and self-disciplined. You may prefer to go to a local cafe or a beach club instead of staying home, whatever suits you best, but you need to bear in mind that you are indeed working, so you should choose a location where there is nothing that may distract you from your work. Some people find themselves to be the most productive while staying in their own room, while others will find countless distractions at home, so they choose to work outside, in an unfamiliar place. You should try out a few locations and pick the one that allows you to be the most focused and inspired.

  1. Your platform allows people to create stunning websites that are easy to customize with no coding. Can you tell me what makes your platform better than your competition (i.e. Wix, Weebly)?

We simply grow together with our customers. Our users get unlimited server space. You can build a one-pager, or 1000-pager. Our system can support the largest news websites as well as the smallest portfolio. You have no limits on your growth. On top of that building a website with INTERMEDIA is like building stuff with Lego™ Blocks. Each block works well with other blocks – making the process super-fun. Besides, each month a chosen occupational group gets a special discount for the premium package purchase. For example, this month belongs to musicians and bands.

  1. You have a strong presence in Poland. Is there a lot of affiliate marketing potential there?

I consider Poland as a start-up valley of EU, there are plenty of talented people there who create awesome projects valued and appreciated by the global audience. That brings a huge affiliate marketing potential, loads of partnership programs’ ideas which are simply essential for the future growth of the project. One cannot underestimate the power of resellers too.

  1. I see you support non-profit organizations. Why you are passionate about them?

I personally believe we have/I have a lot to be grateful for. And from my personal yet business point of view, it is absolutely necessary that we recognize the invaluable effort of non-profit organizations. They are the ones who provide support to local communities all over the world. I am a firm believer and really passionate about “human to human” as well as “organisation to organisation” mutual support in matters that really do matter in life. : )

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