Every business knows that customer service is a huge factor in customer retention and earning new customers. However, not every business knows the best way to improve customer service in a way that is cost effective. Fortunately, there are a few simple measures that have been proven to lead to a culture of phenomenal customer service.

While it’s very important for management to be demonstrate great customer service, many customers visit a business and complete their entire transaction without ever speaking to anyone except lower level employees. That’s why any business who wants to have great customer service must be constantly taking measures to record and reward great customer service.
There are many ways to promote great customer service. Team meetings that use positive reinforcement can effectively motivate employees to provide the exceptional service that wins over customers. At each team meeting, management should take time to recognize instances of good customer service; A little recognition can go a long way. This is a positive way to make a business’ work force want to provide better service. Other great ways to show recognition include employee of the month awards, extra time off or a short article in the company newsletter.

Recognition from management is great, but recognition from customers is even better. Employees want to see that their work is making a difference. Often, businesses do not give their customers enough opportunity to offer feedback. This feedback is very valuable to employees and management. It can reinforce the culture of great customer service when employees have access to what customers are saying about them; Positive feedback is great motivation to keep doing well, while negative feedback should motivate employees to change their habits and improve their customer service skills.

The theme for developing a culture of phenomenal customer service seems to rest on one thing; feedback. As most businesses know, gathering feedback can traditionally be a huge task. Today, that’s no longer the case, thanks to things like enterprise feedback management, or EFM, which is a system that tracks every kind of feedback that a business could use to their benefit. EFM tracks everything from customer surveys to what people are saying on social media sites. This leads to a much better picture of what customers are saying than traditional market research and makes it much easier to relay feedback through proper channels, which ultimately results in phenomenal customer service.

Author Bio: Jennie is a customer service consultant and author. She recommends Mindshare Technologies for effective enterprise feedback management (EFM). With the Mindshare Voice of the Customer Text Analytics Suite, no feedback goes to waste. Every word, phrase, and theme within every customer comment is weighed for business implication, crosschecked with existing intelligence, and applied to your tailored company initiatives.