Too often, I see people come rushing into the Internet Marketing scene, sure that they are going to be the next huge success story, with everything just happening overnight. While that might happen for a very, (and I emphasize “very”), small minority – the truth of the matter is that it takes work, it takes time, and it takes a willingness to fail many times over while learning everything you need to learn.

If you are needing income right now to pay bills, support your family, or for whatever reason – but you want to work from home – the most honest advice you could ever get would be to continue working in a job outside the home that will guarantee you an income, until you have had the time to build your online marketing knowledge and start seeing money coming in.

The truth is that no matter what some people are selling you, it is just not likely to happen overnight.

This isn’t meant to discourage you – far from that! In fact, I believe that it is possible to do amazing things when you decide you really want to work from home, and that you want to put everything you have into building an online business. But, it is like any business, and it is going to take dedication and work.

So, where should you even start?

Find some people online that you feel you can trust – follow their blogs if they have one, or read any material you can find from them. Most of what you need to learn is available freely online – there is no need to throw money into programs or guides that promise to teach you all the secrets.

There are no secrets – just techniques and strategies that you can learn if you find even a handful of people who are already doing what you want to do.

The reason I am posting this is to try saving a lot of frustration when things don’t start happening right away, and to save you a lot of money that many people end up throwing away on information that just isn’t going to help them unless they have some knowledge of the fundamentals of internet marketing.

Focus on learning one thing at a time. This can be hard to do when you see all of the information that is out there – you will be tempted to start trying more than one thing. But everything will happen much faster for you if you do focus on just one area – if you decide, for example, that you would like to make money with affiliate marketing, then find the experts who can share their knowledge with you.

Keep learning everything you can about affiliate marketing until you start seeing results, and then keep learning some more.

Once you have that first area mastered, it will be a lot easier for you to start branching out – which is what you likely will want to do when you get involved in internet marketing. You don’t ever want to put all your eggs in one basket – if you can have multiple income streams, then your income will be much more secure.

Don’t give up when you don’t see immediate results. Remember – this is a business that you are building, and you need to put the time in to see profits. Keep learning, keep building and eventually, the day will come that you can quit your day job – and be making enough money that you can work at home full time.