Kim Rowley and Eric Thomas

I started crying when motivational speaker Eric Thomas, aka The Hip Hop Preacher, was giving his keynote presentation at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas earlier this week.  I could relate to him on so many levels. I know, you’re thinking what does a sheltered white girl from Nebraska have in common with a black preacher man from Detroit?  More than you know:

  • Eric’s mother became pregnant with him at age 17 as an unwed mother. My mother became pregnant with me at age 17. I then became pregnant with my son at age 17, an unwed mother as well.
  • Eric’s father was not in his life. My father was around, but not an active part of my life.
  • Eric has been married for 21 years and never cheated on his wife. I never cheated when married and hope to remarry someday and make it past the 20th anniversary mark.
  • It took Eric 12 years to get his 4 year degree. It took me 9 years to get my Bachelor’s.
  • Eric believes in Visions. I have my vision board in front of me right now.
  • Eric wrote a book: The Secret to Success. I hope plan to write a book some day.
  • Eric is a Christian. As am I. Growing up (in hickville remember), I was taught the different types of religion were Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist and the like where everyone believed in Jesus Christ. It wasn’t until I started traveling and meeting people from all over the world that I befriended Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Antagonists and even Atheists.

So I suppose you are wondering why exactly was I crying? Read my next post for details. Read more about Eric Thomas’s keynote on Marketing Elf. Photo courtesy of Steve Hall of AdRants. See the tears in my eyes?

Eric Thomas Made Me Cry