Kim Rowley at Affiliate SummitKim Rowley wearing Affiliate Summit tshirt

I’ve returned from yet another great Affiliate Summit event in Vegas (tshirt sponsor: Zazzle.com).  The keynote from Jason Calacanis (Mahalo.com) was interesting to say the least.  Sam Harrelson (who won the “Best Blogger” award) recapped the play-by-play. I enjoyed listening to Jason’s views, even though I disagree with some of them.  Saying Shoemoney and Zac Johnson are pathetic for posing with a 6 figure check?  I think it’s motivating, as they are both intelligent affiliates.

It was fun to meet so many new people that had either read about me in Revenue Magazine or told me they were fans of my blog/s.  I was flattered.  Many offered me more free tshirts to wear on the site.  Some even asked why I don’t model pajamas to go with the blog theme – hmmm, good idear.  I do have a nightshirt (and boxers) from CrazyForBargains.com, a robe from Guru.com and slippers from MediaWhiz.com, so I’ll consider the idea in upcoming posts (but don’t expect me to share any lingerie pics). Or if you want to send me a six-figure check to pose with…