Freshly Squeezed Affiliate Hug Tshirt

Every business trip I take, it seems there is always some “bad” to take with the “good” of events.  Patrick and I just got home from Affiliate Summit in Miami, and the “bad” had to be losing my luggage again.  Whereas the “good” was Patrick won a Sony Vaio Notebook from Forex-Affiliate!

I got a lot of free tshirts from the exhibit hall (even a free night-shirt from CrazyForBargains.com) that should keep me dressed and busy blogging for weeks.

I donated $20 to the March of Dimes (my twins were premature, so I’m especially proud to support them) and claimed my ScooterSqueeze™ from Scott “Uncle Scooter” Hazard himself.  And here’s me in the t-shirt to prove it.  For more info, check out www.AffiliateHug.com