Kim wearing AppointmentAid tee

Today’s Free Shirt Friday is courtesy of AppointmentAid.com.

Appointment Aid takes all the effort out of appointment reminders while helping to eliminate no show problems. Who is this service for? Anyone that takes appointments! It can used by lawyers, doctors, beauty salons, and even tattoo artists – basically any appointment based business.

Appointment Aid can arrange a phone call, text message and/or a email appointment reminder to your clients where they can then confirm or cancel their appointment immediately.

My dentist uses this service and I personally got a phone call, a text message and an email today reminding me of my appointment next week (I’m praying for no cavities). I clicked on the link in my email to confirm I would be there. But I could’ve replied via text or pushed a button on my phone to confirm or cancel as well.

He likes this service as he doesn’t have to pay a person to call patients to remind them, so that cost alone saves his office money. Plus in this day and age, many people (like me) prefer to be contacted via email or text. He also makes more money because people (like me, again) need reminders to show up to pay the bills. If I would’ve cancelled, they could’ve made my appointment time available to another person instead of having a no-show.

AppointmentAid.com offers a Free Trial so you have nothing to lose – check them out. Now, they just need an affiliate program.

P.S. The phone prop in the photo is courtesy of RingCentral (as I thought it accented the lady on the phone in the image on the tshirt). I received the retro phone from CJU last year, and my daughter hooks it up to her iPhone to use while laying in bed talking to her boyfriend which I think is awesome.

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