Kim in CheapFlights.com Tshirt

Today’s Free Shirt Friday is courtesy of Cheap Flights.  When I saw Jim Banks at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas last month wearing the same shirt, I asked if he had another that I could blog about. Jim is from the UK and I love his accent, so that was a great excuse to converse and hear him talk! I did notice Jim wore a CheapFlights shirt every day of the conference (he was there representing them after all), so I was a tad suspicious that I would literally receive the shirt off his back, but this one appeared new and unworn. I would’ve still wore a used one.

Anyway,  I did not realize that CheapFlights worked with over 300 travel partners to find the best deals. Those partners include Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity and more, partners that I had considered competitors trying to bring you the best deals. Well, knowing that alone convinced me to check out CheapFlights.com the next time that I need book a flight.

And did you know that CheapFlights is an international company? I learned that by looking at the back of the shirt. Learning something everyday keeps the mind sharp! Below you will see all of the country domain extensions they own.

Cheap Flights International

CheapFlights does have an inhouse affiliate program. When I read that they pay out 65% on every lead, I immediately applied. As soon as I’m approved (hopefully I’m approved!), you know I will be updating the links in this post!

Thanks for the shirt, Jim! Want me to wear your shirt on my blog? Contact me.