Kim Rowley in ClearWire.com TshirtTurn your internet inside out.

This week’s tshirt is from Clearwire.com. Clearwire high-speed internet is the simple, affordable, portable alternative to cable or DSL. Connect at home, office or on-the-go!

Unfortunately they don’t offer service in hickville, ie Nebraska. And they don’t appear to offer an affiliate program.  But thanks for the shirt!

Want to send me a tshirt to wear here? Contact me.

Want your own free tshirt? Motive Interactive is offering you one for signing up for their network.  Too bad they don’t offer 2 tier!

Update: Motive Interactive doesn’t offer a link-embedded url for 2-tier, but if you mention “Kim Rowley” (that’s me, duh) in the “Notes” section when signing up, then they tell me they will credit me for the referral.  So sign up to get your free tshirt!