Mind you, I am not a beer drinker.  My favorite drink is rootbeer schnapps with Diet Coke (tastes like A&W).  But my friend (she drinks the same) and I were out for drinks last week, and the rootbeer schnapps we had tasted awful (can schnapps get skunked?). So, since we’re both suckers for free stuff, we eyed the sign “Free Tshirt when you buy a Corona Light”.  Man, that Corona Light tasted worse than the rootbeer schnapps, even after adding umpteen lime and salt.  So, here we sat, two chicks with four full drinks in front of us when the bartender asked if we’d like another drink to add to our collection as the guy at the end of the bar would like to buy us a drink.  Yes!  Give us some blue Maui and diet Squirt. But as you can see, I’m wearing my free t-shirt with pride today.

Tomorrow, I am off to attend the Affiliate Summit in Miami, where I’m sure no one will have rootbeer schnapps or blue Maui (they must be hick drinks).  So, I’ll probably have to drink my “big city” drink choice – Rum Punch (no one here in hickville knows how to make that). And I’m sure I’ll collect more free t-shirts at the “Meet Market” and exhibit hall to add to my collection. Let’s just hope I don’t lose my luggage again and have to beg for free t-shirts to wear!