Kim in Red Devil Wig and Genie Knows Tshirts

Happy Halloween!

I had to pick a free tshirt that correlated with my red devilish hair for the day! And no, this is not what I’m wearing tonight – you’ll have to wait and see pics from then…

Anyhoo, today’s featured t-shirt is from GenieKnows.com, a vertical search engine specializing in…

Games – Find downloads, cheats, articles, recommendations, blogs, communities, competitions, contests & more!
Local – Navigate like a local with the only search engine that helps you find what you’re looking for around town & online with interactive maps and neighborhood lookup.
Health – Get focused search engine results for health topics from conditions and treatments, to research and articles, to news and blogs.

Their sale staff has called and emailed me several times to join their advertiser and/or publisher programs.  I applied for a “Publishing Solutions” account, but I am waiting to “be reviewed by a GenieKnows representative who will contact me regarding my application.”

I hope they aren’t like the CPA networks that call and leave a message (cuz I don’t answer 99% of the calls on my work phone) that want to know how I’m going to promote them, blah blah blah before they will approve my application.  Um, you asked me to apply.  Now you’re asking me why I applied?  </rant>

Anyway, if/when they approve my publisher account, I’ll test it out in terms of if it is profitable to promote as well as if I think it’s a place I’d want to advertise as well.  Thanks for the shirt!