Kim in Great AuPair TshirtKim in Great AuPair Tshirt

Check out my great pair of free tshirts from GreatAuPair.com.  And someone (who shall remain nameless) pointed out that the wording is situated right across what some could potentially call a great pair, but well, that’s getting off-topic and a personal opinion not of my own (I’m all for getting plastic surgery). GreatAupair.com has a affiliate program housed at ShareASale. Anyhoo…

GreatAuPair is the world’s largest, most-trusted online Au Pair & Nanny Agency serving 140+ countries, with over 16,814 active Au Pairs & Nannies. Over 5,427 Au Pair & nanny jobs are available worldwide.

I’ve actually been thinking of getting a nanny myself, as I’m a single mom of four high-maintenance kids (and their father never takes them).  Actually I thought about just finding a college student and offer them free room and board and a little extra spending cash, as my kids are in school during the day.  But I could use help with running them here and there and everywhere, and some cooking and cleaning would be nice.   It’s on my to-do list, along with reading 6312 emails (and that’s after MailWasher).

Want me to wear your shirt here? If so, mail a size Large to:
Kim Rowley, Key Internet Marketing, Inc., PO Box 12, Pierce NE 68767-0012