Kim says Hello!Kim wearing Pingo Shirt

HELLO!  I got this funky shirt from Brian Hawkins over at Pingo.com that says “Hello” in seven different languages.  And I added the hand wave as my way as saying hello as well.

So I made it a mission to translate the greetings…
Hello! (English, duh)
Bonjour! (French)
Ciao! (Italian)
Hola! (Spanish)
Moshi Moshi (Japenese)
Alô (Portuguese)
Алло (Russian)
Hello in Chinese (Chinese, pronounced Nee HaOW)
I couldn’t figure out the bright green one – can anyone help me??
Update: Thanks to Evaa for translating…
“the last one in green says “Nameste” (that’s hello in HINDI from Hindustan (India)”

And as the front of the shirt says “In any language… Pingo …the last calling care you’ll ever need!”

Pingo.com is currently offering $5 in free calling when visitors sign up for a pre-paid calling card. They also have an affiliate program at Linkshare. Brian also sent me a couple of calling cards to test out the service and a coupon entitling me to take a day off!  Thanks Brian!

P.S.  Unlike Scott Jangro, I’m not afraid to wear this tshirt in public.

P.S.S. Wanna me to wear your shirt in exchange for some free link love?  Send to: Kim Rowley, Key Internet Marketing, Inc. PO Box 12. Pierce NE 68767