Merin in ShareASale Boston TshirtKim in ShareASale Boston Tshirt

At Affiliate Summit East in Boston, ShareASale handed out special “got babies” tees, in which I had my god-daughter, Merin, model for me (isn’t she cute?) I didn’t let her keep the SAS-Boston shirt though, as I have a friend (a fellow Kiwanian) who has a little boy named Boston.  It was too boyish for the little Hannah Montana fan anyway.

I also scored a new black tee, prepackaged as ShareASale’s signature star.  I had Merin hold it in the picture, then washed it before taking my mug shot in it, as opposed to my previous white ShareASale tshirt.  I suggest yellow tees made up for the next run since yellow is their signature color associated with the star logo. And well, I’ve been told yellow is a good color on me.

It was great to see Brian, Carolyn, Sarah and David in Boston! Yes, I missed you Nate. I have yet to meet Michael, Brian’s brother, though.  A couple years ago at an Affiliate Dinner in Chicago, I remember asking Carolyn why Michael never attends functions.  Carolyn had me believing that Michael was a figment of Brian’s imagination – that Brian was really Michael.  And I believed her, as it all made sense why I had never met him! You had me going, Ms. Carolyn!  I guess Michael was in Vegas, but I missed him! Maybe next time?!

Anyway, if you aren’t associated with  ShareASale.com yet as either an affiliate or a merchant, you are missing out!  They are the best network at listening and implementing everyone’s ideas! I got invited to the ShareASale Think Tank 2008 in San Diego next month (last year in Scottsdale was AWESOME), but I am disappointed that I will be unable to attend – my son is a senior football player, and I don’t want to miss the Parent’s Night game!  I will get to see the ShareASale gang earlier that week though as I’ll be in NYC for Affiliate Summit Social Media (ShareASale will be hosting another fabulous party) and SMXE.

On a final note here is the screenshot from ShareASale’s website yesterday in rememberance of 9/11…

ShareASale closed on 9/11

ShareASale will be closed for the day of September 11, 2008, in memory of those lives lost, and to honor the heroes from that morning and thousands of other mornings when peace was chosen over war. The events of September 11, 2001 touched millions of us both here in the United States of America, and abroad. For each life that was stolen, a memory and a legacy was left behind to carry – and for those who carry them, life has changed forever. Each year, we close our offices today and we encourage others to take this day in rememberance not only of what was lost, but also in celebration of everything that we have in our lives. The families of victims from that morning would give anything to spend one morning with their loved ones, we encourage you to go out and live today to the fullest that you can. Affiliate Marketing can wait until another day.  We will never forget those who lost their lives, or those who gave their lives in the hope of saving another.

Way to go, ShareASale! And thanks for the shirt/s!

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