Kim wearing Shareist tee

I am proud to be a Sharevangelist for Shareist!

Scott Jangro was one of my first affiliate friends, and I’m glad to still consider him a good “old” friend over a decade later. I’ve always been a cheerleader for anything Jangro creates (and a guinea pig to try anything new).

When Scott first introduced me to Shareist, I thought its main purpose was to be a curation platform for websites, and that is mainly what I use it for to this day. I also use it for some email creations. Scott is great about listening to feedback from customers and implementing options that they want. He may have called me crazy once or twice for suggesting something outlandish… 🙂

But if you check out Shareist.com, it does SO much more than what I use it for! I need to attend another one of Ashley Coombe’s webinars (she is Shareist’s Content Marketing Evangelist) to learn about all the features because I know I am not utilizing most of them.

Ashley teaches how one can do content marketing in 30 minutes per day using Shareist! That includes researching, curation, scheduling social media posts and creating pages.

Sign up for Shareist.com now for FREE (no credit card is required)!

P.S. I’d rave about Shareist (and Scott and Ashley) even if they didn’t send me a free t-shirt, just so you know.