Support New York Affiliates Tshirt

Before New York governor Elliot Spitzer’s hooker scandal, he signed a proposed provision to the New York State sales tax law that requires out-of-state online retailers with in-state affiliates to collect and remit sales tax on purchases by New York buyers (source: Internet Retailer).  Amazon seems to be the main target of the provisions and has filed a lawsuit challenging such.

Unfortunately many online merchants are now dropping affiliates based in New York to avoid collecting the sales tax.  Now this doesn’t directly affect me as I live in Nebraska as you can see by the soybean field in my backyard (but may someday if other states follow suit), but I have colleagues that live in New York have been dropped, leaving them the choice of incorporating their business in another state or finding new programs to promote, thus changing all of their links/site.

For more information, visit NYAffiliates.com on ABestWeb for the latest news on the NY state tax law.

Thanks to Greg Rice, Sr of Commerce Management Consulting / gocmc.com for sending me this “Support New York Affiliate” t-shirt.  CMC is an independent affiliate program management company with programs on ShareASale and CJ and will be distributing Support NY Affiliates buttons at Affiliate Summit in Boston.

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