Kim in Vistaprint Tshirt

Today’s free tshirt is courtesy of Vistaprint.com.

I have been ordering free business cards from Vistaprint for years. They offer several free designs that you can add your personalized text to, and you can receive 250 cards free (just pay shipping, around $5). And the offer isn’t just for first-time users – you can place multiple orders and even re-order as well.

Business cards don’t always have to be just your name/address/etc.  I usually order them to advertise my various websites and offer promos, and then I can use them to stuff in goodie or thank you bags.

The only drawbacks are:

  • The cards are slightly smaller than the average sized business card, but nowadays you see cards in all shapes and sizes.
  • The Vistaprint logo is printed on the back of the card (free cards for you = free advertising for them), but you can pay extra to remove the tagline. But if I use them to promote myself, I don’t mind the tagline.
  • You will probably be bombarded with extra offers during and after checkout, so be sure you are aren’t agreeing to any extra items or recurring charges (I never have, but my mother unknowingly has).

Vistaprint not only offers business cards, but free tote bags, free tshirts, hats, notecards, address labels and more as well.

Vistaprint has a reliable affiliate program via CJ that pays $3 per lead, but you may be able to get higher payouts through various CPA networks.

Happy Friday!