White Trash with Money Tshirt Ok, so much for my new idea to blog every Friday in a different t-shirt.  I have no excuse for last Friday, I just plumb forgot.  And I’m going out of town this coming Friday to visit my boyfriend, Patrick and meet up with some ABW’ers for lunch, so thought I’d post early and surprise you with my presence.

I deviated from the plan a bit, as I didn’t get this particular t-shirt free, but damn close.  Only $2 from Printfection.  I’ve been wanting a shirt saying “White Trash With Money” ever since I saw one for sale at the Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar in Vegas, that Patrick and I went to in January. I’ve regretted not buying it.

I think the saying fits me well living in hickville and all. I thought about blacking out one of my teeth, but figured the Ellie Mae pigtails would suffice to portray the effect. No one can seem to believe that a single mom of four can build a new house without a man.  I’m tellin’ you, you just gotta know the secret to success.