I was reading the Google Alerts in my inbox this morning, and felt extremely honored when I saw this…

Pinnacle Awards Finalists at Affiliate Summit West 2009
Scott Aiken; Mike Allen; Kim Rowley. Affiliate Manager of the Year. Angel Djambazov; Stephanie Harris; Kim Salvino. Exceptional Merchant. 4Checks.com; Amazon; CelebrateExpress.com. Affiliate Marketing Advocate
Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn… – http://blog.affiliatetip.com/

You can read the Shawn’s full article above, or read about it on Missy’s blog (as hers is better looking).  I was nominated as a Pinnacle Awards Finalist for Affiliate of the Year, along with Scott Aikin and Mike Allen.  The only thing I have on those guys is that I have more hair, ha.  They are both exceptional affiliates, and I am privileged to be considered among them.  In fact, every finalist is a respected authority in the affiliate community, and I’m glad to call them all my friends.  Congratulations! And see you all in Vegas!

Another Google Web Alert I received…

Who has the most Followers on Twitter? (Top 100) (Nebraska, USA
Kim Rowley (kimarketing), Nebraska, http://kimarketing.com, 399, 302, 531, 232 days ago. 9. Anne Good (AGOutLoud), Nebraska, http://www.agoutloud.com

I didn’t know that a hundred people in Nebraska actually used Twitter!  I even made the Top Ten. Are you following me yet?  And if you aren’t using Google Alerts yet, I highly suggest it to see who’s talking about you!