Help! Why is My Website Not Showing Up on Google?

why is my website not on google

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When you Google yourself, what do you find? You probably expect to find a deluge of links all leading to your website, or things you’ve made. It’s a rewarding and comforting feeling to see all that you’ve done collected by Google.

Yet, what do you find when you search for information about your industry? Chances are that, even though you may be an expert in your business, your company may not even show up on the first page. That’s one of the most disappointing realizations in the world: that no matter how hard you work on your company, people may never find you.

“Why is my website not showing up on Google?” most people usually ask themselves. They want to give up since it will all be for nothing. Yet, it’s important to remember that it’s never for anything. To get the recognition you deserve, you need to come up with an SEO strategy.

Keep reading below to learn why you may not be able to find your website on Google, and how an SEO strategy can change that!

“Why Is My Website Not Showing Up on Google?”

There are a lot of reasons why your website may not show up on Google. The company considers many different factors when deciding how to organize search results for its users. You can’t do anything about some of these factors, such as the user location or their search history.

Yet, there are plenty of other ways you can make sure people find you on Google. For example, you can tailor the content on your website around specific keywords that tend to see more traffic. That way, when people search for those keywords, they’ll find you.

You can also take steps to make your website more user-friendly to ensure it’s optimized. Google takes all those things and more when deciding which websites to give to its users. An effective SEO strategy will help you rise above your competition and give you the web presence you need to be successful.

SEO Strategies Are About More Than Google

When you first start trying to develop an SEO strategy, you may think you need to strategize it around Google. You may start researching Google’s algorithm and try to figure out ways to reverse-engineer it so you can use it to your advantage. In reality, your SEO strategy isn’t about creating content that manipulates search engines.

Instead, it’s about creating content centered around your audience and helping the search engine pick it up. You’re not trying to manipulate Google when you develop an SEO strategy. Instead, you’re strategizing ways to help it do its job and place yourself as the most trustworthy source of information about a particular topic.

Once Google believes that you’re trustworthy, your content will start contributing to more than your ranking. It’ll build your brand, establish your audience, and help you become an industry leader. Your SEO is the foundation for much more than you realize when you first start developing it.

why is my website not on google

The Slower Your Website, the Lower the Ranking

One of the main things Google considers when ranking websites are their speeds. If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, it will fall in the rankings. This is to both protect Google’s users and to ensure they find what they’re looking for.

Slower websites may be loaded with scripts and apps, which Google can’t always scan. The more scripts loaded onto a website, the more chance there is that the website may be malicious. So, Google pushes it down to discourage people from clicking on it.

Longer load times will also drive people away from your website, naturally. People don’t wait for your content to load — if it takes more than a few seconds to show up, they’re leaving it. So make sure your website loads quickly by getting a reliable host and designing it with as few scripts and apps to load as possible.

(Hyper) Link Up with Your Industry

Another thing that Google considers when ranking websites are the ways people link to your content. Google tracks how many times a website is linked to by another website. It considers the words used in the hyperlink, and content from the place it’s linked from.

These are called inbound links, and they’re incredibly valuable when trying to rise in web rankings. You can work with other websites to generate inbound links and watch yourself rise as Google learns to trust you more. The more backlinks to your website, the more Google will believe that you’re a leader in your industry.

Where else do leaders belong, if not at the top?

Keyword Traffic Is Important — So Is Its Difficulty

The most basic SEO strategy is simple: you want to find and use specific key phrases in your content to get traffic to your website. It starts by researching keywords and looking at the volumes they tend to generate.

Yet, keyword traffic volume isn’t the only metric you need to look at when deciding on phrases to target. You also need to look at how many other websites are targeting that keyword. The more people who are competing for the same traffic from a key phrase, the higher the keyword difficulty will be.

A well-made SEO strategy is a balancing game. If you want to see your website on Google, you need to target keywords that have decent traffic, without being too difficult to rise in the ranks on. Target keywords that are only moderately difficult, and make sure their traffic volumes are worth it.

why is my website not on google

Your Marketing Builds Off Your SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy is fundamental to your overall marketing strategy. A well-made SEO strategy boosts you up in more than search engine ranks. Just by having a strategy, you show that you’re a professional who’s dedicated to what they do. People will naturally respond to that.

Then, once you’re at the top of Google, your SEO will feed into your brand, your reputation, and it will help you secure an audience instead of finding one. By being at the top of Google, you become an industry leader. None of that can happen if you’re still wondering, “why is my website not showing up on Google.”

If you’re ready to show up on Google and become an industry leader, just keep reading here. Our website is always updated to help you rise in your field — all from the comfort of your pajamas!

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