How To Make Your Products Stand Out In A Retail Store

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While an increasing number of businesses are focusing more on their digital marketing efforts, there are still quite a significant amount of them that sell through brick and mortar stores. However, the shift toward online advertising hasn’t meant that it has become easier to make products stand out in a retail environment.

In contrast, it can still be just as difficult for many businesses to sell their products in a store, which has led to many of them wondering how to make their products stand out more. There are quite a large number of ways that companies can do so, although many might not be as effective as some business owners may want.

However, several ways have been proven to help them do so. While they will take a certain amount of time and effort to do so effectively, they can be well worth this investment. By focusing on a few key methods, business owners should be able to see a significant return on investment once their products have hit the shelves.

Use Displays

One of the more effective ways of making a product stand out is to use cardboard displays. The primary reason for this is that they can draw a customer’s attention much quicker than the majority of other marketing methods, especially if you’re using a display that’s well designed.

By doing so, you’ll not only be able to grab attention but inform consumers about why they should buy your product. While you’ll need to put a significant amount of time into designing the display, this can reap dividends in the long-term.

Though there will be a certain price investment when having the cardboard display created, especially with a high-quality one, this should be a cost-effective way to bring attention to a product and increase sales.

Choose The Right Color

While many business owners might not put a significant amount of thought into the colors that they use for packaging or displays, this can be much more important than they believe. The primary reason for this is that different colors can have various effects on people when they see them.

As such, choosing specific colors should allow you to grab a consumer’s attention much better than others. While much of this will depend on your company’s branding, you’ll also need to consider the color schemes used by competitors. By doing so, you should be able to ensure that your packaging stands out as much as possible.

Make Good Use Of Images

The majority of consumers only spend a few seconds scanning a shelf before they choose a product. As such, they may not have the time to read a significant amount of text. To overcome this, you should make use of images that will help grab a person’s attention and encourage them to consider your product.

Avoid Generic Designs

Your product’s packaging is the first impression that you’ll make on a consumer. As such, you’ll need to spend a significant amount of time ensuring that this stands out from its competitors. When doing so, you should avoid generic designs or ones that are similar to many of your competitors.

Keep It Simple

While many business owners may believe that intricate designs will be the key to grabbing a consumer’s interest, this isn’t the case. Regardless of whether you’re selling the product online or in a store, simplicity can often be one of the primary ways of gaining attention. There are a few notable reasons for this, with one of the more significant being that it should help to set your product apart from the competition. Coupled with the right colors and images, a simple design can be effective at highlighting a product when it’s on a shelf.

Retail shelves can often be cluttered, although a simple design will help mitigate the complexity that a shelf may have. As such, it should help draw a customer’s eye much more effectively.

While each of the above may take a certain amount of time to implement for your products, this will be time well spent. By doing so, you should see a positive impact on your sales. This should mean that there will be a large return on investment once you’ve sent out the products to retail outlets.

This return on investment should only continue to increase. The majority of businesses should see an increasing amount of sales as time goes by.

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