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This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing John Paul, the Co-CEO of, a leading Toronto SEO company.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

I started off like everyone who has a thirst for money making. I always knew the internet would open up opportunities for me to be able to have control of my life, be it working from home or selling. So I did what every stubborn person does, I embarked on an endless journey to make money online. Now I started while still in university so it was crazy hard on my grades because my program and university was tough and my parenta were like…STOP IT…but I knew one day it will work out. I tried everything from doing surveys to sites like Swagbucks. It didn’t work for me. Then I found affiliate marketing and blogging, made enough to prove my haters and doubters wrong. I continued that and then stumbled upon SEO and have been killing it there since. I have been doing SEO sole for clients for almost 10 years now. So learn for me guys, true success takes time and always go with your gut feeling. Don’t forget your roots and keep grinding and hustling, it’ll pay off in due time.

  1. What services does 2Marketing provide?

We are the epitome of a full service digital marketing agency, I’m being serious here and not just pumping our engines we have world class experts that are great copywriters, website designers, videographers, content writers, pure marketers, internet marketers, PPC experts, social media geniuses, and search engine maestros. The ROI on our campaigns are insane because we know what we are doing and only bring on experienced experts on our team. Although we started off with SEO and web design, our clients made us grow our portfolio into all aspects of digital marketing because we were hitting our numbers for them. We really do everything.

  1. Do you only provide services for businesses in Toronto?

As a leading Toronto SEO company, we have hundreds of clients from all over the world. We can’t keep all of this awesome sauce away from the international clients that love us. Although a majority of our current managing clients are within the GTA, I would say a solid 40 percent are American, Australian, and British companies. We also service lots of other Canadian cities. We are making a big push to open up offices all across the globe and help lots more companies crush it.

  1. Do you have any tips for someone wanting to make their website more search engine friendly?

Only tip I think you need is to “hire us”… hahahaha. Joking. There is a lot you can do right now to stand out from everyone without excessive seo knowledge. Without complicating things focus on content. Always aim to have the most all inclusive content about your topic. Write down every question you think potential customers and searchers have and make sure you answer all of them in as detailed a manner as possible. This will help you dominate. General rule of thumb is 1000+ words per post/page. Also immerse yourself in your target community. Participate in forums, and unapologetically reach out for guest posts. Help people in your niche by providing them with insanely awesome content and they’ll reward you with links, recommendations, sales, referrals and help build your brand as an authority.

  1. Do you have any offline hobbies?

With frequent 18+ hour workdays and crazy weekends there isn’t too much time to mess around. I am a massive soccer fan, I watch as many leagues and games as I can catch. I think i’m just a massive sports fan. I play and watch soccer, basketball and football a lot and play tennis, squash and golf once in a while. I also listen to and write rap music and love traveling when I get the time to.

Thanks for the interview!

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