Justin Davis SEO Expert

This week we interviewed Justin Davis from TrafficSourceSEO.com. Justin is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert who help companies and individuals increase the authority of their brand and message. Many clients also go to him for help with online identity restoration. Let’s get right to the questions…

1. Why are you spending so much time on reputation management these days?

I’ve had a lot of people call me and discuss their worried about their online reputation. Some people have been blasted by competitors, enemies, ex girlfriends and everything in between. I’ve developed a system of de-ranking a lot of these negative listings and getting the reputation of my clients restored.

2. I see you specialize in Search Engine Optimization. Can you share the #1 thing that your customers are doing wrong?

Customers are not focusing on content production like they should be. One of the major purposes of the internet is to share, view, create content. Content is searchable and is the primary focus for long term SEO.

3. I also see that you offer website design and development. What has been your favorite website to create?

I’ve worked with a lot of non-profits and for profit companies that are really trying to increase the quality of life of people. I like working with people who are working to help others. One of the websites we are working on now is a resources and informational site for fathers with children. I’ve also done a lot of work on the design of the website for one of my favorite record labels. They are the biggest independent record label in the world and it is cool to be involved with it.

4. Would you ever consider adding affiliate marketing (my specialty) to your internet marketing packages? 

I would definitely consider affiliate marketing. I love the idea of it, simply because you pay for performance. You make a sale, you get paid. I’ve been working by those rules for quite a while. An affiliate marketer is like a marketing person and commission based sales person bundled in one. I love it.

5. When you’re not busy helping businesses grow online, do you have any offline hobbies?

Fortunately I’m not glued to my computer 24/7, although I do spend an unhealthy amount of time being immobile and staring at the screen. When I’m not researching or working on SEO or web development, I can be found fishing on a lake, traveling between the southwest and midwestern U.S., playing poker, hanging out with good friends, or just relaxing and watching a documentary. I also read a lot. I want to read a lot more.